About me

Since I was a little girl, my dream has been to work in design, that’s why I started sketching and hand-sewing my first garments as a way of playing.

Later on I studied Fine Arts at school, which helped me realized and then decide that I wanted to study Fashion Design at the University of Buenos Aires.

When I graduated in 2015, I participated in the MAD design contest (Fashion, Art and Design) organized by the National Museum of Decorative Arts and the HSBC bank.

For that occasion, I designed an outfit that was exhibited during a month and for which I won the second prize. This was the stepping stone for the creation of Roguez, and how the first collection was born/came to life and the dream started to come true.

In my garments I give importance to the craftmanship and customization with special attention to those details with which I identify the most: pleats and embroideries.

Also giving value to the quality of the textiles, to create timeless garments envolving a conscious and responsible consumption.

The timelessness and minimalism through an artistic vision are transformed into a unique piece thought for you. Wearing a piece by Roguez is a new way of elegance and exclusiveness.


Travel through textures

Transparencies that show the best of you

Embroideries that draw patterns

Linearity in the shape of pleats

Traces that transform into a garment et which transmits elegance and modernity

The ethereal and feminine made in a dress